Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My daughter wins the first-place at the annual children art contest

 My lovely daughter is on the July Cover of VietLifestyles Magazine!!! 

Dear all my lovely friends,

Today I would like to inform that my dearest daughter wins the first-place at the annual children art contest. Again I greatly appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedule to support and encourage her. For Van Le, you had done an excellent job. I love you more than I can say.


Le Thanh Tan

P/S: Here is her essay that she wrote to describe her art work.

Today we have the very developing and modern technology and science. They bring us many benefits and hence they make our lives easier. However people recently encounter the environmental issues. To have the more perfect lives, we need the clean and clear environment and we therefore protect the natural environment.

To keep our environment in a good condition, we must do the following things. Firstly, we should not litter carelessly. It means that we should not throw the garbages on the street, into the river and on the beach. In contrast, we must always pick up the trash around our places, on the river and on the beach. Furthermore, we must persuade everyone to save our environment.

We need not only the “clean” living places but also the “green” environment. So we must “green” our environment by increasing the number of plants, trees and grass. To do so, we have to grow a lot of trees at many places, for example in the garden, on both sides of the streets, in the parks and etc. Besides, we must limit the deforestation. Because it results that we will face up many disasters such as storms and floods.
Finally factories and companies must protect the environment. They must reduce smoke emission. Since, it causes the greenhouse effect. Simultaneously they should not pump raw sewage into the sea and the river. Otherwise, the natural water resource is polluted so that living creatures die.

In conclusion, the environmental protection is not only the job of one person but also the obligation duty for everyone. Because saving the environment means saving our lives.

Le Thanh Van

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