Saturday, March 5, 2016

Apply for the working permit/PGWP at the US-Canada frontier

Look, scenes at US-Canada border are so boring!!!
Let's forget any other ways to apply for the working permit/PGWP in Canada. Here the most efficient way is recommended to anyone who want to get it right away. I guess that everyone prefers this method. Because you guy don't want to wait around 4 months to get the results when you follow the other ways. Especially, the Syrian refugees currently cause the increase of processing time.

If you are in Canada already, you have the option of applying for your work permit at the border or port of entry. Of course you will obtain it the same day when you do a flagpole (i.e., you surrender to enter US and return to homeland to apply for the working permit/PGWP at the frontier) . Remember that you must be TRV-exempt, i.e.,
a) You are a citizen of a TRV-exempt country, OR
b) You are a citizen of a TRV-required country, and are re-entering Canada solely from the US

If you are in Montreal,  there are some closest land borders that process work permits are:
          1. Lacolle/Champlain  
          2. St. Armand/Phillipsburg  
          3. Stanstead  
          4. Montreal's Trudeau Airport - but only if you are flying in to Montreal.
If you don't have access to a car, you can take a bus to the US border. You can find it as follows:
         b) Meet with an agent in person at Gared’autocars de Montreal (1717 rue Berri).  

If you don't know what documents you should bring with you, I suggest that you create an account online, then follow the instructions there. Because at the very beginning, the system will require documents based on information you provide. Remember that you will not submit your application online (to avoid a duplication). So now you know what documents should be brought with you.

Remember that you will have a very terrible time at the border. Because there is no wifi, no restaurant at the frontier. The best way to enjoy the time there is counting the number of cars passing from left to right in the front of you (then return to count those passing from right to left). Lol. So you should pack the lunch with you, and some favorite books. One more thing is that the bus returning from US may be delayed (sometimes, it delayed around 2 hours).

As my experience, I can tell you that it is very easy to do flagpole. Because I went there 2 times, one for me and the other for my wife. Of course, I have no trouble at the border and the officers at US and Canada borders are so friendly and helpful. They know the rule well and then follow it. So don't worry, my dear friends. Let do it right now!!!

The steps should be done at the border:
1. Bus arrives US border. The driver will let you out first. You should go directly to the US officers and say "I 'll do flagpole". Obviously, you will explain something about your documents. In my experience, the US officers don't want to hear about that. LOL.
2. If you have US visa, the officers will issue the letter of withdraw to enter US immediately. Otherwise, you will do some declarations, fingerprint, photo and etc before obtaining this letter.
3. You bring this letter go around the US flagpole to return Canada border. Here you will show this letter to Canada officer and declare somethings about you. Then the officer will show you the way to reach Canada custom.
4. At Canada custom, you tell what you want (obtaining the working permit/PGWP). Please do not be afraid of any thing, you have right to do that and it is legal!!!
5. Around 5 mins, the officer call you and request you to pay 255C$ at the cashier. It means that you have the working permit/PGWP already.
6. Around 2 mins, the officer call you and give you back your passport with working permit/PGWP.

All of those steps are the same for 2 times when I arrive US-Canada frontier. I hope that everyone who follows my instructions will go through and get the same results as me.

Le Thanh Tan
P/S: Any feedback or constructive criticism or comments are very welcome!!!